Unlocking cities. Everywhere in the world.

With ViziCities you can see cities in completely new ways, unlocking the data hidden within them. Whether you use data to make decisions, or perhaps just want to explore your city in new ways, ViziCities allows you to do it all, beautifully. See the demo.

How could it get better? ViziCities is also free and open source!

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Visualise your city in real-time

Most geographic and city visualisation tools use static, historic data. These visualisations are out of date as soon as you've finished them! With ViziCities you're free to use both static and live data, allowing cities to come to life before your eyes and staying up-to-date.

Beautiful data

Cities are more than just maps, ViziCities brings them to life in completely new ways. Load up any city in the world and see live underground trains, crime statistics, live social data, flood predictions and much more!

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The technology

ViziCities is powered by a selection of modern technologies, ranging from 3D visualisation to geographic data manipulation. We have it all.

Accessible, powerful and open

With the Web at its core, ViziCities was destined to run in your browser. And it does, beautifully.


Sharing, customisation and power is brought thanks to JavaScript and the improvements made in recent years.

WebGL via Three.js

Using one of the most popular open source 3D visualisation libraries.


Built on top of and supporting the world’s best open, free mapping service.

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